ICSC Steering Group / Permanent


Stefanie de Hair TNO, The Netherlands
Divera Twisk SWOV, The Netherlands
Arend Schwab TU Delft, The Netherlands
Marco Dozza Chalmers, Sweden
Dietmar Otte MHH, Germany


ICSC Organisation Committee / Host: 2015


Chair: Prof. Dietmar Otte MHH
Organized by:
Heiko Johannsen MHH
Marco von der Geest MHH
Joachim Nehmzow MHH


Scientific Committee


Dr J. Antin Virginia Tech Transport Institute, USA
Dr M. Dozza Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Prof A. Garcia Garcia Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain
Prof Dr C. Hagemeister TU Dresden, Germany
Prof Dr M. Hagenzieker SWOV, The Netherlands
Ir S.H.H.M. de Hair TNO, The Netherlands
Dr. H. Johannsen MH Hannover, Germany
Dr G. Lovegrove University of British Columbia, Canada
Prof C. Montomoli University of Pavia, Italy
Prof. D. Otte MH Hannover, Germany
Dr T. Petzoldt TU Chemnitz, Germany
Dr A. L. Schwab TU Delft, The Netherlands
Prof H. Summala University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr D.A.M. Twisk SWOV, The Netherlands
T. Versmissen The Netherlands
Dr W. Vlakveld SWOV, The Netherlands
Dr D. de Waard University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Dr I. Walker University of Bath, UK
C. Woolsgrove European Cyclists’ Federation, UK
Prof G. Yannis National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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in cooperation with:

Landesverkehrswacht Niedersachen



The 2016 conference will take place in Bologna, Italy

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