15. September 2015
Lecture Hall F ‐ Session A
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Opening Ceremony
    9:00 9:30
Prof. Dietmar Otte, Chairman ICSC 2015, Accident research Unit MHH
Prof. Dr. Christoph Baum, Präsident der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover
Christian Kellner, Executive Director Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat DVR
Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director European Transport Safety Council, ETSC
Keynote 1 German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Guido Zielke   9:30 9:50
Keynote 2 European Commission, Policy Officer Road Safety Casto Lopez‐Benitez   9:50 10:10
BREAK - Conference area     10:10 10:40
Single Bicycle Accidents and Safety Systems Session Chair Stefanie de Hair  
Empirical Survey on Bicycle Accidents to estimate the Potential Benefits of Braking Dynamics Assistance Systems Maier Pfeiffer, Wehner, Wrede 10:40 11:00
A simple ABS system tested on typical urban bikes Morris   11:00 11:20
Haptic Feedback contributes to the Balance Task of Bicycling Lee Happee, Schwab 11:20 11:40
The Co-contraction Index of the Upper Limb for Young and Old Adult Cyclists Kiewiet Beugels, Bulsink, Koopman 11:40 12:00
LUNCH - Mensa     12:00 13:05
Keynote 3 Surgeon Department University Hospital Münster Christian Juhra   13:05 13:35
BREAK - Conference area     13:35 13:40
Key aspects of helmet use (final results of COST Action 1101) Session Chair Dietmar Otte  
Introduction of COST TU1101 Dietmar Otte   13:40 14:10
International survey of bicycling exposure, crash involvement, behaviors and attitudes: Preliminary results N. Haworth Schramm, Houtenbos, Shinar 14:10 14:20
The Effect of Air Channel Construction and Design Elements on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Bicycle Helemts for Commuters Helena Aljaste Kuklane, Heidmets 14:20 14:30
Factors associated to cycling accidents in Portugal J. Dias Francisco, Vieira 14:30 14:40
Analysis of the riding posture of bicyclists and the influence on the head injury situation in traffic accidents D. Otte Jänsch, Morandi, Orsi, Stendardo, Tzamalouca, Papadakakie, Chliaoutakis, Parkkari, Dias, Weber 14:40 14:50
Bicyclists’ perception of helmet use: complaints and dissatisfaction D. Otte Orsi, Montomoli, Chliaoutakis, Pereira, Papadakaki, Parkkari, Tzamalouka, Morandi 14:50 15:00
Assessment of Thermal Discomfort when Wearing Bicycle Helmets - A Modelling Framework Peter Bröde Aerts, De Bruyne, Sotto‐Mayor, Kuklane, Fiala 15:00 15:10
Investigating the Necessity of Integration for Cycling with Public Transport Meltem Saplioglu Yuzer, Otte 15:10 15:20
Proposal for an new test method of bicyle helmets P. Halldin Deck, Willinger 15:20 15:30
COST Podium Discussion     15:30 15:55
BREAK - Conference area     15:55 16:25
Elderly Cyclists Session Chair Heiko Johannsen  
Crashes involving cyclists aged 50 and over: an in-depth study M. Boele-Vos van Duijvenvoorde, Doumen, Duivenvoorden, Louwerse, Davidse 16:25 16:45
Can older cyclist motion be predicted? R. Dubbeldam Buurke, Pelle, Rietman 16:45 17:05
Pedelec and Instability of the Elderly during Mounting Manoeuvres Platteel Twisk, Lovegrove 17:05 17:25
SOFIE, a bicycle that supports older cyclists? Dubbeldam Buurke, Pelle, Rietman 17:25 17:45
The intelligent bicycle on the road: first experimental user tests de Hair Kwakkernaat, Dubbeldam, Engbers 17:45 18:05
Exploring the interactions between older cyclists with other road users: state of the art and additional stocktaking. Engbers Westerhuis, Dubbeldam, de Waard 18:05 18:10
The effect of electrical assistance on cycling behaviour of elderly drivers Silverans Van Belle & Temmerman 18:10 18:15
Potential influences of pedelecs on road safety, especially with regard to elderly cyclists Bohle   18:15 18:20
RECEPTION - Conference area     18:30  
DINNER - Mensa     20:00  

15. September 2015
Lecture Hall M - Session B
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Young Cyclists Session Chair Carmen Hagemeister  
Learning game for training child bicyclists’ anticipation and hazard perception skills Sahlberg Lehtonen, Rovamo, Summala 10:40 11:00
Glance behaviour of teenage cyclists when listening to music: results of a study in real traffic. Stelling- Konczak Vlakveld, Hagenzieker, van Gent, Commandeur, van Wee 11:00 11:20
Slovenian Experiences promoting Safe Cycling among Children and Adults - Results from international project ROSEE Markl Marinko 11:20 11:40
Preliminary results of a retrospective and prospective study of bicycle accidents in adolescents. J. Vanparijs de Geus, Panis, Meeusen 11:40 12:00
Evaluation of a Cycling-Quiz for children and adolescents in Germany Huemer Eckhardt-Lieberam 12:00 12:05
LUNCH - Mensa     12:05 13:05
BREAK - Conference area     13:35 13:40
Bicycle-Motor-Vehicle Conflicts 1 Session Chair Marjan Hagenzieker  
Accidents Involving Turning Trucks and Bicyclists – Options for Analysing Countermeasure Johannsen Jänsch, Otte, Urban 13:40 14:00
A Collision Avoidance System for Cyclist Protection against Heavy Goods Vehicles Jia Cebon 14:00 14:20
Bicyclist Injury Patterns in Collisions with Motor Vehicles Malczyk Strauss 14:20 14:40
Investigation of bicycle accidents involving collisions with the opening door of parking vehicles and demands for a suitable driver assistance system Jänsch Otte, Johannsen 14:40 15:00
Impact of traffic infrastructure on car drivers´ interaction with cyclists: A Field Experiment Liu Johannsen, Marker 15:00 15:20
Methodology to evaluate drivers’ comfort boundaries during the overtaking of cyclists Piccinini Schindler, Bast, Dozza 15:20 15:40
Interaction of bicycles and freight vehicles in urban areas: Findings of a users’ survey Pokorny Pitera 15:40 15:45
Traffic as social interaction: A sociological perspective on interaction processes between cyclists and car drivers and their influence on traffic safety – a Viennese case study Füssl   15:45 15:50
Can cycling safety be improved by opening all unidirectional cycle paths for cycle traffic in both directions? Schepers Methorst, Kamminga, Zeegers, Fishman 16:10 16:15
BREAK - Conference area     16:15 16:25
Human Behaviour Session Chair      
Combining Data Sets for Cycling Safety Analysis: How Cyclist Behaviour Can Help Explain Accident Data Dozza   16:25 16:45
Semi-Automatic Analysis of Stereo-Videos for Naturalistic Cycling Observations Rippel Köppchen, Marker 16:45 17:05
Alcohol consumption and cycling in contrast to driving Haagemeister Kronmaier 17:05 17:25
Cross-comparison of three surrogate safety methods to diagnose cyclist safety problems at intersections in Norway Lauresyn de Goede, Saunier, Fyhri 17:25 17:45
Cycling Acceptability Investigation among University Students in Athens, Greece Mavromatis Yannis 17:45 17:50
The Cycling Anger Scale – Assessing Cyclists’ Anger Experience in Traffic Oehl Brandmiller 17:50 17:55
Analysis of Preferences for the Use of a Bicycling Sharing System in Athens Yannis Papantoniou, Papadimitriou, Tsolaki 17:55 18:00

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