16. September 2015
Lecture Hall F ‐ Session A
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Keynote 4 "Let's not be blinded by technology" Dick de Ward   9:00 9:30
BREAK - Conference area     9:30 10:00
Overview of Cycling Safety Session Chair Dietmar Otte  
Safety in Numbers for cyclists – conclusions from a multidisciplinary study of seasonal change in interplay and conflicts Fyhri Sundfør, Bjørnskau, Laureshyn 10:00 10:20
Accident Analysis 2.0 – Update Concerning Bicycle Accident Situation André Rauschert Erbsmehl, Urban, Otte, Johannsen 10:20 10:40
Spatial analysis and modelling of bicycle accidents and safety threats Martin Loidl Robin Wendel, Bernhard Zagel 10:40 11:00
Recumbent Bikes - Trikes - Velomobiles An analysis of (single vehicle) crashes Heike Bunte Hipp 11:00 11:20
Effect of physical workload on mental workload of cyclists and implications for safety of electrically assisted bicycles Boele- Vos Commandeur, Twisk 11:20 11:40
Naturalistic study on the speed of sports cyclists on two-lane rural roads Llorca Garcia, Torres 11:40 12:00
Road accidents involving bicycles: configurations and injuries C. Orsi Montomoli, Otte, Morandi 12:00 12:05
Audibility of bicycle bells by hearingimpaired people Hartkens Hestermann, Hagenloch, Hartleb 12:05 12:10
Future Aspects of Cycling Safety M.Pohle   12:10 12:15
LUNCH - Mensa     12:15 13:25
Bicycle rules and helmets Session Chair Marco Dozza  
Effectiveness of helmet and performance of light head protection Bourdet Deck, Willinger 13:25 13:45
Overestimation of the effectiveness of the bicycle helmet by the use of odds ratios. Zeegers   13:45 14:05
Still no risk compensation for bicycle helmets – results from an experiment of cycling speed and short term effects of habituation Sundfør Fyhri, Ross Phillips 14:05 14:25
Motivation for traffic-rule infringements in Germany Huemer   14:25 14:45
Mandatory Bicycle Helmets for Children in Austria – Initial Trends and Effects R. Bauer Steiner, Robatsch 14:45 14:50
BREAK - Conference area     14:50 15:00
Final Ceremony     15:00 15:20

16. September 2015
Lecture Hall M - Session B
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BREAK - Conference area     09:30 10:00
Infrastructure Session Chair George Yannis  
Road User Behaviour on One-way Cycle Tracks of Different Widths Greibe Buch 10:00 10:20
Safety of cyclists at roundabouts in built-up areas Pohle   10:20 10:40
Safe roundabouts for cyclists Jensen   10:40 11:00
Future Streets (Te Ara Mua) Mackie Woodward, MacMillan, Baas, Witten, Oliver, Field 11:00 11:20
New functional pavements for pedestrians and cyclists Wallqvist Kjell, Cupina, Kraft, Deck, Willinger 11:20 11:40
Two-way Cycle Crossings at Nonsignalized Intersections and Roundabouts Jensen Buch 11:40 11:45
Reading cyclist intentions: can a lead cyclist’s behaviour be predicted? Westerhuis De Waard 11:45 12:05
LUNCH - Mensa     12:15 13:25
Bicycle-Motor-Vehicle Conflicts 2 Session Chair Divera Twisk  
GIS-based Poisson and NB Approaches for Analysing Spatial–Temporal Patterns of Bicycle-Motor Crashes Wang Chang, De Backer, Lauwers 13:25 13:30
Evaluating Bicycle-Motorized Vehicle Accident Risks in Antwerp, Belgium Wang De Backer, Lauwers, Jason Chang 13:30 13:50
Incidents between Straight-ahead Cyclists and Right-turning Motor Vehicles at Signalised Junctions Buch Jensen 13:50 14:10
Observation study into the influence of a view-blocking obstruction at an intersection on bicycle and passenger car velocity profiles O. Op den Camp de Hair, de Gelder, Cara 14:10 14:30
Can safety of cyclists be improved with intelligent transport systems? Silla Leden, Rämä, Van Noort, Bell, Scholliers 14:30 14:50
BREAK - Conference area     14:50 15:00

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